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The Forum is currently undergoing renovation.  However, in the meanwhile you may enjoy the current Forum for life in the Philippines at this link, LifeBeyondTheSea-Forum.  

Check at my Facebook account for an announcement, later, when this site will be back online.  Sorry for the delay.  — Reekay

GoodBadTravelinAsia.com is a social site for travelers familiar with Asia.  It is also open  to new travelers to Asia in search of seasoned recommendations.

Within the site you can share both the Good and Bad when it comes to Hotels, Restaurants, Airports, Resorts, Nightlife and any other venue you care to share your opinion on.  You can include links and photos of your adventure as well as a link to your Youtube channel if you have one!

GoodBadTravelinAsia.com is a social site, not just a forum.  This means you can Add Friends within the site to your list or report problem members, similar to Facebook.  It’s a great way to network and meet other travelers, even arrange meetups if you like.

While general Pages are already in place, you can create your own Page on a topic you’d like to focus on as well.  This gives you a chance to zero in on something of particular interest to you such as photography, scuba diving, skydiving or other interests related to your travels.

To begin, simply REGISTER your unique Profile and dive right in!
You can even Register via your Twitter account and cross-post if you choose.

Enjoy the site.
Enjoy the adventure.

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